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Victorian Themed Croquet Weathervane
Greens Weathervanes
The Gallery
Woodfield Farmhouse
Tyberton, Madley
Hereford, England

Pictured above is a custom repousse copper weathervane design of two Victorian Croquet Players. In depth research was undertaken to make the costumes correct to the era. The figures are highly detailed and three dimensional. The date indicates the year the house was built, as is traditional with weathervanes. A second version of this design is pictured right. The 1873 version has an unusually long shaft, with the 1882 version cut just below the banner. A shorter shaft is preferrable for overall stability.
height~ 30" (760mm)
height with cardinal letters~ 39" (990mm)
length~ 39" (990mm)
height of figure~ 20" (510mm)

This weathervane was featured in an article in Country House & Home, January 2003.

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Current prices for designs average between £2400-£5000, but can run in excess of £7,000 for ornate, oversized or figurative pieces. In the case of commissions, a firm contract price is always given & a waiting list should be expected.

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