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Current prices for designs average between £2400-£5000, but can run in excess of £7,000 for ornate, oversized or figurative pieces. In the case of commissions, a firm contract price is always given & a waiting list should be expected. Commission payments are split into two installments, one when work begins, and the second when the artwork is complete. Most designs take between 2-6 weeks to complete.To discuss a purchase, please contact us.

Having produced bespoke designs for over a decade, Greens has an extensive portfolio of over 100 designs. For an overview, visit our Archive Galleries. We are happy to provide photos & specification for any of our past designs, but clients should expect to make alterations to ensure the unique character of the original is not compromised. To discuss possible themes for a custom design, please contact us.

A photo of the intended location is always most helpful when developing a designs proportion and scale.

Payment is accepted by BACs or Bank transfer.

Worldwide shipping.


Although Greens Weathervanes are renowned for their three-dimensional weathervanes, the studio embraces more unusual projects (including public and commemorative artworks, trade signs, modern kinetic designs, and sculpture for the home and garden).

Greens have experience both with traditional weathervane installation, as well as catering for the needs of more complex site specific sculptural projects. Most of Greens current collection incorporates a mounting solution. Alternativetly artworks can be mounted on existing structures including posts, stones, garden structures, buildings, & interior and exterior walls. For a traditional mounting, go to our installation page.

Greens have worked both one-to-one with private clients or in conjunction with designers, project managers, architects, artists, town councils, builders, clubs & schools, and businesses to develop an idea from concept to completion.

To discuss your theme or project, please contact us.

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