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The Greens pictured with Liberty, 2011

Having met on Martha's Vineyard (Cape Cod, USA), Karen and Gordon Green set up Greens Weathervanes with the aim to producing the most sculptural, hollow-bodied, copper weathervanes available in the world. Designs full of vitality and movement and character.


Today the artists are known for their sculpture as much for their weathervanes. Pushing the boundaries of design to create a unique artform which is both heritage craft, applied art, fine art, folk art and architectural ornament.







Karen Meleney & Gordon Green
2008, Dartmoor Studio

to the left is a picture of the artists' current
Herefordshire studio, in the converted granary of the listed Georgian farmhouse.


Karen Meleney & Gordon Green
two artists with a passion for the three-dimensional copper weathervane and the fine art tradition. Veering away from the windvane as a mere trinket on a roof, the artists, instead, embrace the granduer and possibilities of the ornate copper weathervanes 2,000 year old history. Creating one-of-a-kind, heirloom quality features for both the house and garden.

...a selection of commercial and public work

2014 Brighton College
Large weathervane of the school logo, a heraldic pelican

2013 Harris Manchester College
Oxford University, Large weathervane of a cycling professor ("the Oxford Don")

2011 the American Museum in Britain monumental weathervane of "Lady Liberty"

2008 Leeds Brewery 18" Copper Box Lettering "The Midnight Bell"

2007 Tobay Council Copper Mermaid Sculpture, 16 Trade Signs (1995-2005)

2007 Caversham Court Replica of original "1663" Gilt Banner Weathervane.

2006 Caravan Club St Agnes Beacon,Cornwall. Commemorative Plaque

2005 Turner Hill Golf Course (USA) Peacock Weathervane

2004 Stornoway Town Hall Five Gilt Banner Weathervanes

2003 Browns Hotel Two Gilt Cockerel Weathervanes. Two-headed Eagle Wall Sculpture

2001 The Bedford Hotel Alice in Wonderland's White Rabbit Weathervane

2001 Ourglass Glassblower Trade Sign for Studio/Gallery

2001 St. Martgaret’s School Plaque with School Logo

2000 Torbay Coast and Countryside Trust Heron Sculpture and Commemorative Sundial

2000 Two Bridges Hotel Toad of Toad Hall Weathervane

1999  The Marine Hotel Sailboat Weathervane



...a snCoppersmith, Sculptor & Head designer, Karen Meleney Green, has been working in metal for 18 years. She is the granddaughter of celebrated Norwegian doll maker, Rønnaug Petterssen, and has studied sculpture, drawing and painting at The Corcoran, Washington University, and Rhode Island School of Design (RISD)
artist Karen Green with peacock
Gordon Green, a self-taught painter and photographer, was born in Liverpool, and has worked as a metal sculptor since the couples' collaboration began in 1994.

Employing their unique form of metalsmithing, designs are developed first as paper patterns, breaking down complex shapes into many individual pieces. These pieces are then cut from copper sheet, annealed & then raised and detailed on wooden blocks. No two designs are exactly the same, as this free-handforming technique brings out expressive movement in the copper's surface. The pieces are finally fused together using a high-heat brazing method & a copper/phosphorous/silver rod. The oxygen & acetylene welding torches enable the artists to control and manipulate the brazing rod, in such a way that they are actually sculpting with molten metal, creating such fine detail as eyelids, ears, fingers and hair.

...a snippet from the designer's CV

1984 Corcoran School of Art

1985 Summer Theatre Arts Program, Carnegie Mellon University

1985 Washington Children's Museum, Nek Chand Mosaic Project

1986 Washington University

1987-1990 Rhode Island School of Design BFA (Sculpture)

1991-1994 Apprenticeship with Travis Tuck, American Weathervane Maker
1992-1995 Resident Scenic Artist, Vineyard Playhouse

1994 Design Assistant, Chilmark Pottery

1994 Scenic Artist, Catherine Cornell Theatre

1995 Galen Films "Gene Autry: Melody of the West"

GREENS Weathervanesbeautifully bespoke copper weathervanes England since 1995

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